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Proven Science in the comfort of you on home

After four years of research and development with neuroscientists and sleep experts, URGOnight brings this proven technology into a convenient, comfortable headband and mobile app. Now Neurofeedback technology is available in the comfort of your own home.

Neurofeedback is at the core of URGOnight's technology

It's the simple mechanic of giving your brain positive visual and audio cues, whenever it detects that you are producing the brainwaves associated with sleep improvement. With practice, you become aware of the relationship between your mental strategies and your brainwaves. Eventually, you alter your brain activity and learn how to do it automatically without having to think about it. You can perceive it like a cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), but changing your neuro behavior for better sleep habits.

Work towards better sleep with the proven neurofeedback technology
neurofeeback method

“Just as you can train your body to run faster, jump higher, swim further, clinical studies have shown neurofeedback therapy can help people learn how to improve the quality of their sleep.”

Guirec Le Lous, founder of URGOTECH that dreamt up URGOnight

Fall asleep
45% faster(1)
Reduce nighttime
awakings by 53%(2)

Produce more of the brainwaves clinically
associated with sleep

URGOnight distinguishes brainwaves by their rhythm or frequency. The five most common brainwaves are the delta (0 – 4Hz), theta (4 – 8 Hz), alpha (8 – 12 Hz), beta (12 – 30 Hz) and gamma (>30 Hz) waves. URGOnight is designed to primarily detect SMR waves that are 12 – 15 Hz, also called low beta.

(0-4 Hz)
Deep sleep

(4-8 Hz)
Reduced conciousness

(8-12 Hz)
Relaxation / Meditation

(12-15 Hz)

(15-30 Hz)
Conciousness / Thinking

(> 30 Hz)
High brain stimulation

URGOnight helps you train your SMR (SensoriMotor Rhythm) waves by using neurofeedback to improve your natural ability to sleep well.
SMR are brainwaves that we produce when we are awake.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that training SMR with Neurofeedback during the day improves sleep quality at night by decreasing the time to fall asleep and the number of nighttime awakenings.

(low beta: 12-15 Hz)

Don't just track your sleep, manage it - for life!

We don’t tell you if you’ve had a good or bad night’s sleep, that’s impractical and could cause more anxiety! Instead, we provide you a natural, effective and long-lasting solution to overcome the cause of your sleep problem, not the symptoms. With consistent practice, these brain exercises will enhance your sleep habits in the long run.

Learn to sleep better without wearing anything to bed

URGOnight is the only Sleep Training Program that is designed to be practiced while you are awake for your brain to actively engage in the training. The headband has been designed to be so comfortable you won’t even notice it’s there. No more worries about cumbersome, uncomfortable devices in bed or moving it out of its position while sleeping.

Train anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

The neurofeedback technology used to be carried out only in a clinical environment. But now, URGOnight is designed to bring this technology to wherever you are. So long as you have 20 minutes in a quiet, cozy environment, you can practice your guided brain exercises at your own convenience independently, even in the comfort of your own home.

Imperfect Practice Makes Perfect

You shouldn’t beat yourself up for missing a few sessions or having a low performance. You should allow yourself to make mistakes and motivate yourself to get back on track, no one is perfect! The brain is a muscle and reeducating it can take a little time.

Regularity is key!

Studies have shown that the benefits of neurofeedback start to appear after 15 to 20 sessions, which corresponds to about 5 to 10 weeks of regular training (20 minutes, 3 times per week). You can also train every day, that’s even better!

URGOnight is there to guide and encourage you along this worthwhile journey. Forget about the numbers, focus on making incremental improvements regularly, and eventually a night’s slumber awaits you!