Welcome to the future of sleep!

URGOnight is the world’s first daytime Sleep Training Program based on neurofeedback technology to train your brain to produce the brainwaves clinically associated with sleep.

Neurofeedback technology has been proven to help people fall asleep 40% faster (1) and reduce their nighttime interruptions by half (2)!

Can't sleep? You're Not Alone

1 in 3 people do not get enough sleep (3), and 1 in 5 have issues falling and staying asleep (4). Not having enough sleep, leads to fatigue, increased stressed, and daytime functional impairment (5).

We want to help you master your sleeping habits in a natural, long-lasting and fun way. Just 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

No more tossing and turning, we know you deserve better sleep!

Be the Yoda of your sleep!

URGOnight is a Sleep Training Program that guides you through customized brain exercises, through a mobile application paired with an EEG-based headband.

URGOnight provides real-time feedback of your brainwave activity through visual and audio cues. This feedback helps you learn how to increase the needed brainwaves that impact sleep and eventually achieve a good night’s sleep.

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" It worked, I sleep much more. My sleep doubled from 3-4 hours to 6-8 with URGOnight. I don't lie awake anymore for long periods of time, I experience more energy, a better mood and I can focus more easily. "

L.S., Session 38

" Now that I’ve completed 40 sessions with URGOnight, I fall asleep quickly on most nights – usually within 15 minutes, nighttime awakenings have decreased, and I usually fall back asleep quickly. "

J.R., Session 40

" I have been using URGOnight for several months. After a few weeks I noticed I had an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. I recommend URGOnight to anyone seeking to improve their sleep. This device actually made me a better sleeper and I don’t have to wear it at night. "

Bob Z., Session 40

" I enjoy the benefits to my sleep more than anything, but I also enjoy the intuition which the app helps to generate. It definitely helps you to be more aware of your brain and what it's doing at any point in time. "

Mike, Session 40

" I used to stay up late watching TV programs that I had recorded during the day, and now, thanks to URGOnight, I have a huge backlog of TV programs to watch, but no sleepless nights to watch them! "

Marry G., Session 30

" After using URGOnight, I experience the best sleep I’ve had in over a year. Compared with my clinical neurofeedback experience, it is also MUCH less expensive, much easier to use (no driving to a clinic!) and requires no conductive gel in my hair! URGOnight succeeds in making the clinical neurofeedback available to anyone. "

Jeff R., Session 40

Proven Science in the Comfort of your own home

Developed by neuroscientists and sleep experts, URGOnight uses neurofeedback technology to help you understand your brain activity. Previously only available to clinics and sleep researchers, URGOnight has spent 4 years to bring high quality brain training into the comfort of your own home

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