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Gain as much as 2 hours more sleep a night!

No need to rely on sleeping pills or sleep wearables anymore! You can now treat the root cause and train your brain’s natural ability to sleep well during the day. In just 3 weeks, our neurofeedback technology has proven to increase 57 minutes more sleep on average (1) and users feel more refreshed in the morning ready to start their day (1) !

Don't just track your sleep, manage it - for life!

We don’t tell you if you’ve had a good or bad night’s sleep, that’s impractical and could cause more anxiety! Instead, we provide you a natural, effective and long-lasting solution to overcome the cause of your sleep problem, not the symptoms. With consistent practice, these brain exercises will enhance your sleep habits in the long run.

Learn to sleep better without wearing anything to bed

URGOnight is the only Sleep Training Program that is designed to be practiced while you are awake for your brain to actively engage in the training. The headband has been designed to be so comfortable you won’t even notice it’s there. No more worries about cumbersome, uncomfortable devices in bed or moving it out of its position while sleeping.

Train anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

The neurofeedback technology used to be carried out only in a clinical environment. But now, URGOnight is designed to bring this technology to wherever you are. So long as you have 20 minutes in a quiet, cozy environment, you can practice your guided brain exercises at your own convenience independently, even in the comfort of your own home.

Customized brain exercises unique only to you

Your brainwaves and sleeping habits are unique to you, so why should you go through a standardized exercise? By adjusting the difficulty of your exercises throughout the program, URGOnight will help keep your trainings attainable yet challenging so you do not hit a plateau!

Track your progress and set personal goals

Kind of like going to the gym to learn how to run faster and jump higher, regularity is key! URGOnight allows you to track your progress from beginning to end and find out what strategies work best for you. You can even set reminders to make sure you don’t miss any of your brain “workouts”!

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URGOnight Sleep Training Program

20 Minutes Training

As short as a powernap, but more effective in the long run. Enjoy taking time out just for yourself to relax and let URGOnight guide you through a series of 20-minute brain exercises to help you form a long-lasting habit.

We recommend completing a minimum of 40 sessions, for your brain to develop new sleep habits. After the 40 sessions, as like any other sport, we encourage you to practice occasionally at your own pace to not lose touch and maintain these habits.

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Real-Time Feedback

Visual and audio cues notify you in real-time that you have triggered the brainwaves clinically associated with your sleep so you can learn how to do it naturally.

Through real-time feedback, URGOnight guides you to learn what techniques or thoughts work best for you in generating the brainwaves clinically associated with sleep. Focusing on a point, letting your mind drift away, thinking of happy thoughts, meditating to have a sense of “mindfulness” … For us, it’s the image of the beach, with a coconut in our hands…

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Constant Learning Curve

Challenge yourself to sleep better! There are different levels to keep you engaged and to be on a constant learning curve. At each session, the difficulty of the exercises is customized and set for you to progress to another level.

Your personal score is to help you quantify and gratify your brainwave results. With consistent practice, your scores continue to improve over time and your brain learns!

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Your practice doesn't have to be perfect, embrace the process.

What counts is consistent training to reach your potential to fall asleep naturally

What counts is consistent training to reach your potential to fall asleep naturally

Features in the app

Sleep diary

Training calendar


Sleep advice

Measurement :


Size :

One Size Fits All, ajustable (520 mm to 620 mm or 20.47" to 24.40")

Weight :

160g, portable with a travel case

Languages :

English, French

Battery :

Up to 6 hours, equivalent to 2 weeks of recommended use

Connection :

Bluetooth 4.0 low energy

Application compatibility :

Appler iOS 11 and later or Android 5 and later

No side effects

Wear nothing to bed

Non-habit forming

No wave emissions or sound

Data protected

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